Dinner & Bible Study

Dinner & Bible Study

Join us on Wednesday’s from 5:30-6:30pm for our weekly Dinner & Bible Study. We have been studying verse by verse through the book of Judges, with question/answer sheets for both adults and children.

This is a time for the church to gather together and fellowship with the Lord and with one another. Families with young children are encouraged to come and participate, recognizing that younger children are learning how to sit and listen. To help, while we are eating, Pastor Brian begins the time of teaching. We strive to show grace toward one another as parents as we help our little ones learn to love the word of God, something we must continually pray to the Lord for such a desire to grow in them as He draws them to His Son Jesus.

What Do I Bring?

  1. Bible.
  2. Your whole household, whether that consists of one or two or twenty-two.
  3. A dish to pass (each week two different ladies bring a main dish).

***Every Fourth Wednesday is our monthly Dinner & Prayer time***


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